Moscow Choral Theatre


The history of music is constantly evolving and every new concept in the industry must be examined against the backdrop of all of music history. Every now and then, however, a personality or ensemble comes along and sticks out as that element to reckon with in the history books.


Such a personality and ensemble has been tenaciously making its mark on the music scene for around thirty years, in the person of Boris Pevsner and his incredible ensemble, Choral Theatre. Still in its infancy, Choral Theatre is a chamber choir of individually highly gifted and accomplished pianist and soloist Elena Grechnikova, and its impact is being felt by an ever increasing audience that wants to hear a wider variety of music than is usually offered by the established choruses in the region.


Choral Theatre - based in Moscow – “an orchestra of voices” for the seamless blend of its voices and its original interpretations of vocal literature, from Renaissance to jazz, and from gospel to venturesome new music


Mission and Vision This ensemble’s mission and purpose is to perfect and perform every style of music and to present the varied sounds within carefully amalgamated programs. Being that Maestro Pevsner is a true expert in every musical expression - and his love for the music is infinite — the results are nothing short of phenomenal.


One of the ambitions of the Choral Theatre is to cultivate new audiences. The boundaries between classical, world, and light music are explored in concerts of this theatre. "Pevsners" had his characteristically rich sound that resonated nicely throughout the hall. It provided a calm, mysterious and pleasant opener for tonal luxuriance and crisply etched clarity and the super-classical stuff to come.


The mission of Choral Theatre is to engage its listeners in a diverse and innovative musical experience through its integrative concert programming.


Performance Present distinctive musical performances of diverse repertoire combining styles and genres in new and interesting ways, honouring the voice as a unique instrument with a particular ability to reach human beings and transcend divisions of culture, nationality, gender, language, and age.